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Flowers And More For The Holidays…

Poinsettias & KalanchoesThe greenhouse is so beautiful all year round, but it’s especially so in the height of the holiday season. In fact, sometimes there are so many flowers and new plants coming in almost daily that they are literally everywhere – on tables, on the floor around tables, and anywhere we can find a spare space. Never let it be said we don’t have a little something for everyone!

Start with the bulbs of the season…paperwhites for fragrance and amaryllis for elegance. Paperwhite bulbs are readily available and so easy to plant in potting soil or a pretty bowl with pea gravel and water. We’ll also have plenty each week from growers, already planted, up and ready to bloom.

An elegant amaryllis is a wonder gift...

An elegant amaryllis is a wonder gift…

Amaryllis bulbs are notoriously  tricky to time; they will come up when they’re good and ready, thank you very much! If you want an amaryllis for a certain date, it’s really best to buy them a week ahead already  budded.

Many years ago I promised a customer that,  of course, I could have 12 amaryllis, all in full bloom, on a certain date for a big party…oh, did I sweat those! I thought I had all my ducks in a row until the date I received them from the grower. They were beautiful, with tall strong stems and large….buds.  (They had done their best to get them to the right stage of bud/bloom.)

The party was in less than a week, so I put them in the warmest spot in the greenhouse and worked some juju to make them bloom. Thankfully, they cooperated, and my customer didn’t know how close she came to having beautiful amaryllis….in bud. (Wait a minute, who am I kidding? I would have been scouring the city for 12 amaryllis in bloom!)

A 'Shooting Star' hydrangea...

A ‘Shooting Star’ hydrangea…

In the last five years or so, hydrangeas have become a popular holiday flower. Growers force these into bloom for the season, and they really are spectacular on their own,  in an arrangement for a party, or to give as a gift. If I would tell anyone the one thing to remember when they receive or purchase a hydrangea for themselves, it is this – please keep them watered. If they’re allowed to dry out one too many times, there will be brown spots on the otherwise beautiful blooms.

Phaelenopsis orchid...

Phaelenopsis orchid…

Regal cymbidium orchids make quite a statement...

Regal cymbidium orchids make quite a statement…

We have orchids every month of the year, but their beauty is particularly enticing through the holidays. They add a touch of elegance to any setting, beginning with the most common and easy to grow phaelenopsis, or moth orchid. Through December we also carry the impressive cymbidium orchids, with their fans of leaves and huge, drooping buds and blooms in shades of pink, yellow and white. Or you may want to try a diminutive but long lasting lady slipper orchid, whose leaves are often as beautiful as the blooms.

And the list goes on…with the sturdy and bright rieger begonias, the trick to growing them well is to  give them plenty of light and go easy on the water.  Be diligent in pulling off old fading blooms, and they will reward you with many weeks of color!

Pretty cyclamen...

Pretty cyclamen…

Cyclamen are another wonderful winter bloomer, flourishing in cool temperatures and going dormant as temperatures warm in the spring. Be very careful not to overwater (It’s best to water these from the bottom.)  and keep them in as cool a spot as you can.

Ornamental oregano and lemon cypress...

Ornamental oregano and lemon cypress…

These are just a few of the beautiful plants gracing the greenhouse throughout the holidays, Many others are grown more for foliage or scent, such as ornamental oregano, golden lemon cypress,  myrtle, and, of course the poinsettia, a mainstay of the season. There’s simply nothing prettier than a greenhouse in full bloom!









We’re Getting Ready For The Holidays…

we have lots of ornaments for your tree...

we have lots of ornaments for your tree…





Jamie, Molly, Pinkie and Lauren have been readying the greenhouse for the holidays; here’s a peek at what’s going on. Hope you can come by and see it all in person soon!

pretty in silver...

pretty in silver…

Pretty ornaments abound, along with silver pieces for your mantle, table or to give as a gift. Of course, we’ll have the cut greens, berries, branches and plants for your home, inside and out.

Holiday 2013

pretty owls and pinecone garland....

pretty owls and pinecone garland….













Look also at the wood pieces…they’d be so beautiful on a natural tablescape with miniature orchids or other seasonal flowers. Green lichen mats add even more color and texture to this composition – they are wonderful!

Holiday 2013I hope you have the opportunity to visit, as  the greenhouse is a visual feast for the senses, awash in all the colors and scents of the season….











For The Holidays…Classes To Help You Decorate With Style!

We’re happy to welcome Ellen Riley, former garden editor for Southern Living Magazine, to help us out with some holiday classes, this November and December. If you’re interested in any of these classes, please give us a call as space is limited. All classes will be held on Dyron’s patio next door to the nursery.

Gracious Thanksgiving Centerpieces   Thursday, Nov. 21 10 a.m.

Reservation appreciated. 870-7542     Class $5.00 plus materials.

Come enjoy the season’s abundance and fashion a centerpiece rich with texture, color, and personality. Use your own container (or one of ours), or bring a door basket for a gracious welcome. You choose where to place your handiwork and together we will put together an arrangement fit for the celebration. Besides your container, harvest pretty leaves, branches, or fruit & veggies you may want to incorporate.


Merry Mailboxes           Tuesday, Dec. 3     10 a.m.

Reservation appreciated.   870-7542   Class $5.00 plus materials.

This class is part hands-on, and part demo.  Whether you’re into a ginormous arrangement or a more traditional look, we show you how to put together the perfect display to suit your home’s style and personality.  Face it – the mailbox is the first look we have of your holiday flair. So, let us show you how to do it up right. Besides, it’s pure fun!  Come home with everything you need, and your own hand-made bow.


Winter Terrariums        Dec 10        10 a.m.

Reservations appreciated   870-7542   Class $5.00 plus materials

We have our own Southern version of a winter wonderland, but rarely does it involve snow banks, icy ponds, drooping pine trees, and such. Our chance to see a beautiful flower poking out from freshly fallen snow just doesn’t happen here.  But, we can create a tiny world brimming with winter fantasy.  Bring a clear glass container (or choose one of ours), some pretty small branches and twigs if you have them, and let’s play.


Mantles – Magical and Magnificent Thursday, Dec 17  10 a.m.

Reservations appreciated.  870-7542   Cost $5.00 plus materials

Next to the tree, a mantle is your room’s natural focal point.  Come learn how to make a seasonal showstopper. Bring a container if you like, and any items you want to incorporate.  And, bring pictures of your mantle! If you don’t have one, don’t stay away!  These ideas apply to a sideboard or foyer table as well. Together, we will create the perfect arrangement for your holidays.

Pumpkins, Gourds and More, Oh My!

Summer's harvest...

Summer’s harvest…

Just when you think summer’s heat won’t ever let up, along come a few days of cooler temperatures and clear blue skies to lift spirits and give all of us a second wind.

So many different pumpkins!

So many different pumpkins!

Summer’s final gift to us is the bounty of the late season garden – pumpkins! Oh, but not just any old pumpkins (Though we wouldn’t ever put down the good old fashioned jack-o-lantern!). The last few years the ubiquitous orange pumpkin has made some fancy friends, with names like Blue Hubbard, Cinderella, Long Island Cheese, Jharadale, Lumina, Lunch Ladies (Yes, really!) and Warty – just to name a few.
But, really the names don’t matter, because what’s in a name when they’re all so wonderfully different?

The entrance is looking so pretty!

The entrance is looking so pretty!

The entrance to the shop will be filled with the pick of the crop – picked just prior to delivery from a 20 acre farm in Tennessee. We’re excited about the fall harvest this year and hope you’re making plans for pretty fall displays at your homes too!


Making an appearance this year, among the pumpkins, fall flowers and cool season vegetables, are our original handmade Halloween friends from many years past. They include gremlins, ghosts, a big orange pumpkin, a black cat and a scary old witch with her cauldron. It’s fun having them back!  A big thank you to Jamie, Molly and Pinkie for their fantastic makeover work on all of them – they look better than ever!

Molly, Jamie and Pinkie with our witch!

Molly, Jamie and Pinkie with our witch!

Pinkie made our black cat pretty scary...

Pinkie made our black cat pretty scary…

Pumpkins and Halloween decorations are ready made backdrops for pictures, too. So make yourself at home, and take as many photos as you’d like of your little “pumpkins” with ours!

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Easter Flowers – Lilies and More!

The ultimate Easter flower...

The ultimate Easter flower…

We love the colors, blooms and scents of the Easter holiday…from pure white Easter lilies to the soft purples and pinks of hydrangeas, and the fragrance of stephanotis…this season speaks of new beginnings..

With the upcoming holiday and family and friends gathering for Easter, we have the plants, flowers and arrangements for your table or gifts for loved ones at this special time.

Easter lilies are the traditional Easter plant – enjoy their blooms and scent, and if you have a spot in the garden, plant your lily as soon as danger of frost is past. (Easter is late this year, but please wait until at least the end of April to early May to plant your lily outside.)

hydrangeas in the colors of Easter...

hydrangeas in the colors of Easter…

We also have beautiful hydrangeas…while these are considered florist hydrangeas, for you folks that want to try planting them out in your landscape find a spot with filtered sun, rich soil and a bit of protection. Keep them well watered their first summer in the ground.

The fragrant stephanotis wreaths are beautiful annual vines…they will bloom now and sporadically through the summer – they’re very nice in planters with other blooming summer annuals. They aren’t winter hardy though, so if you’d like to keep them be sure to bring them in for the winter.

Pastel pink orchids float above campanula, violets and selaginella in this Easter arrangement

Pastel pink orchids float above campanula, violets and selaginella in this Easter arrangement

Of course we also have long lasting and elegant orchids – let us arrange a grouping in one of your containers or ours. In addition to gorgeous orchids we also offer kalanchoes, violets, freesia, campanula, calla lilies and more!image

We always have the most beautiful orchids!

We always have the most beautiful orchids!

If you’d rather have an Easter arrangement or basket made up of plants that you can use later in your garden and seasonal planters, we have that as well! Just let us know and we’ll offer appropriate suggestions for you.

From all of us, we hope all of you have a wonderful Easter !

A Pretty Valentine

We think orchids are perfect for the Valentine in your life!
We think orchids are perfect for the Valentine in your life!

Would your Valentine like this pretty orchid? Call us and place an order soon and we’ll be sure to pick out the prettiest orchid for your sweetheart! Remember we also can put together a gorgeous arrangement of plants and flowers as well. Either choice will last far longer than cut flowers.

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

If sweet treats are more to her liking, we’ve got what you need there too! Shown here are some of the goodies the ladies from Seven Winds Kitchen have cooked up for us, including  heart shaped mini teacakes, chocolate covered pecan and peanut clusters, and amazingly wonderful toffee…We sampled them all and have to say, you can’t  get much tastier! Call and place an order and we’ll have it ready when you are! Remember, we also deliver – call us to set up your order and delivery.

We’ve Got The Sweets (And More) For Your Sweetie!

Once again the ladies from Seven Winds Kitchen have outdone themselves, providing delectable Valentine’s Day sweets for your sweetheart!

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

Pretty rieger begonias are lovely in mixed baskets...

Pretty rieger begonias are lovely in mixed baskets…








Here you can see their heart shaped mini tea cakes, chocolate covered peanut clusters and to die for toffee…there’s really something for any kind of sweet tooth – and we can tell you, because of course we had to sample them ;-) they are delicious – the toffee is a new offering this year and we pronounce it amazingly good!!! If you know your love would prefer a flowering orchid or an arrangement of mixed flowering plants like those shown here, of course you know we can take care of you on that front too…place your order soon, and we’ll either have it ready for you to pick up or we can deliver it to your sweetie.  Yes, we deliver in the area – you just need to make a purchase of $35 or more, and delivery is $10. So, we have it all for you this Valentine’s Day, sweets and flowers for your honey with our best wishes too!

Beautiful Winter Arrangements!

This cheerful basket arrangement contains flowers available in January and February.


This pretty winter basket was a gift delivered to one of our customers on a dreary day in January. We hope it made them smile!

The happy flowers in this arrangement include tete a tete narcissus, cyclamen, primroses and blue campanula, blooming plants that are readily available in January and February.

Come in and put your own arrangement together or take a pot of primrose to a neighbor and make them smile too!