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Grammatophyllum: Be the Tiger Queen (or King) of Your Garden

Image of grammatophyllum orchid

grammatophyllum orchid

Grammatophyllum are a favorite here at Oak Street Garden Shop! If you’re seeking a distinctive and tropical plant for your green space, I highly recommend these orchids. These are some of the largest orchids you can buy and they do well in warm and slightly humid climates like what we have here in Birmingham.

Grammatophyllum, also known as Tiger Orchids, are native to the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries. During the summer, Grammatophyllum orchids thrive outdoors and in greenhouses in warm and humid weather. To ensure their well-being, provide them with filtered shade and lots of moisture.

As the seasons transition to winter, bring them indoors but be sure to ease up on their moisture. They do well on pebble trays that add moisture to the air around them. They also prefer fish emulsion and more organic fertilizers.

Here’s a fun fact: In 1851, at the great exhibition at Hyde Park in London, a Grammatophyllum weighed in at 2 tons! Don’t worry, most don’t get that large. What we can say with certainty is that these beauties look great just about anywhere, and we love to see what you do with them.

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– Kris

Need a Valentine? We Can Help!

Mixed Planting with Téte a Téte NarcissusJust a quick post to point out the many beautiful flowers in the greenhouse. Our baskets and containers  are one of a kind…special creations custom made for each order.

Orchid Arrangements





If you have a basket, bowl, or other container you’d like us to fill with beautiful plants, just bring it in and we’ll take it from there, or choose one of ours.  Valentine’s Day is this Saturday, so get your order in soon!Orchid Arrangement



Some of the many blooming plants we have in now, or will be getting in this week, include cyclamen, campanula, primroses, rieger begonias, narcissus, violets,  orchids, hydrangeas, hyacinths, freesias, azaleas, and more. Stop in to browse or give us a call to place an order for pick up or delivery.


Fall…More Arrangement Inspiration

Fall Bittersweet Arrangement in BasketAutumn inspires us! The past month we’ve been designing with thoughts of fall…a copper container, a beautiful basket, a heavy stone trough, and even something as simple as a wooden box made wonderful starting pieces for a few of them.

It’s funny how something can sit and not be noticed until a design brings it to life. Jamie did just that with this large basket. It and another like it have been in the greenhouse for awhile now. They’ve held bags of moss or been propped up waiting for someone to notice them. Well, her design certainly does it justice! It’s been the showstopper of the season with her use of bittersweet, giant star pod and Indian corn.





Fall ArrangementThis wooden box arrangement was done for a garden club – the customer brought in the antlers! This one was a fun change of pace. Those antlers didn’t want to stay put, and the box was a tad rickety…it reminds us that each day may bring different and interesting challenges!


Fall Gourd Arrangement


Soon the gourds will be gone for the season…but I’ll remember this arrangement as one of my favorites from this fall. I enjoy the lines of the gourds and the interplay of form here.





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Orchids: These Arrangements Add Drama!

What a nice surprise to have our work recognized by garden writer Steve Asbell of   The Rain Forest Garden in his latest blog. We know many of you come to us for creative and unique arrangements, and  here is a sampling of some of what we do with orchids and other flowers every day – we offer the photos from his website here as well, and urge you to go to his blog to read the nice piece about us in addition to other great posts and information – thanks for the recognition Steve!













He also posted pictures of these arrangements!

So, you say you need to add some drama to your life? We’ll be happy to oblige!

A Valentine’s Day Teaser

Red and white for Valentine's...

Red and white for Valentine’s…

Just had to post one more Valentine’s Day teaser because there are so many beautiful flowers in the greenhouse….the baskets and containers we’ve done are one of a kind – we don’t do any cookie cutter arrangements – ever.

tulips, cyclamen, heather and a fragrant hyacinth mix here...

tulips, cyclamen, heather and a fragrant hyacinth mix here…

Remember too, if you have a basket, bowl or other container you’d like us to fill with beautiful plants, just bring it in and we’ll take it from there.

Some of the blooming plants we have in now include tulips, cyclamen, campanula, primroses, rieger begonias, narcissus, roses, violets, amaryllis, orchids, hydrangeas, pansies, hyacinths, heather, bromeliads and more! So much color and such beauty surrounds us!

A Pretty Valentine

We think orchids are perfect for the Valentine in your life!
We think orchids are perfect for the Valentine in your life!

Would your Valentine like this pretty orchid? Call us and place an order soon and we’ll be sure to pick out the prettiest orchid for your sweetheart! Remember we also can put together a gorgeous arrangement of plants and flowers as well. Either choice will last far longer than cut flowers.

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

Sweet treats for your sweetheart!

If sweet treats are more to her liking, we’ve got what you need there too! Shown here are some of the goodies the ladies from Seven Winds Kitchen have cooked up for us, including  heart shaped mini teacakes, chocolate covered pecan and peanut clusters, and amazingly wonderful toffee…We sampled them all and have to say, you can’t  get much tastier! Call and place an order and we’ll have it ready when you are! Remember, we also deliver – call us to set up your order and delivery.