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U-Pot-It ~ You Take It!

The U-Pot-It bench – ready for you!

Spring is right around the corner, and we want to remind you the U-Pot-It-Bench is available (when Ozzie isn’t sleeping in it, that is!) for all of you who’d like to bring your own pots in and plant them yourself!

Of course, you can also pick a pot or planter out from our stock too – all we ask is that you use our plants…but you knew that already!

Details are posted on the bench, and forms are provided to keep track how much soil and fertilizer you use. Have fun!

The Cats of Oak Street Garden Shop


Meet Gracie, shown here doing what he (Yes, Gracie is a guy!) does best, which is sleep the day away. When he’s not sleeping, you might find him walking his domain, or hanging out with his buddy, Ozzie.

Gracie has been with us for many years, and is a pretty old kitty, but you certainly can’t tell it by looking at him! So, if you stop in the shop, look for Gracie and say hello – he might just want a pet.

Our shop cats, Gracie & Ozzie

Our shop cats, Gracie & Ozzie







Ozzie is Gracie’s buddy, and he is a bit skittish and very shy. But you’ll still spot him stretched out in the sun, (Usually right in the middle of a walkway!) or fast asleep like he is here in the U-Pot-It potting bench.

Ozzie in U-Pot-It bench

Ozzie taking a nap in the U-Pot-It-Bench









They love the pot of catnip that is, of course, exclusively theirs – it even has a Not For Sale! sign… Both Gracie and Ozzie found us and have made themselves quite at home here. We’re happy that they did, and hope they both are with us for many more years to come, enjoying their “shop cat” lives.