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More Samplings of Spring 2015 – Cast Stone Faux Bois Planters, Bird Baths and Statuary

Cast stone Faux Bois Planters - 2015Cast stone Faux Bois Planter - 2015This blog post picks up from the last one, showcasing more of our newest cast stone statuary and planter offerings for 2015.

We’ll begin with the faux bois planters in four different sizes. They would be lovely in a rustic, shady setting, complimented with ferns, hostas,  heucheras and other woodland plants to emphasize the tree bark effect that faux bois mimics. These are heavy pieces that will definitely anchor their space and won’t tip over or be blown over in storms.Cast stone Faux Bois Planters -2015











Cast stone planter - 2015Here too are a few more urn shaped planters. But, unlike many urns, these have a generous planting space,  offering enough room for a pretty display of seasonal color or a more permanent choice of a shrub or possibly herbs.Cast stone planters - 2015







Cast stone birdbaths - 2015Bird baths add elegance and style to any landscape in addition to their all important purpose of offering water to our feathered garden inhabitants. These timeless designs could work in any setting.



And some smaller pieces:  Saint Francis and Saint Fiacré, a Buddha, a sweet little boy reading his book, a gargoyle…the kinds of pieces that need their own special place and make your garden uniquely yours.Cast stone statuary - 2015









RoosterWe even have  roosters and a chicken – perfect for any of you who keep neighborhood fowl in your yards! They really are fun and are sure to start a conversation over the proverbial fence.Cast stone Rooster and Chicken - 2015











Planters - 2015Finally, three quite different choices:  large terra cotta colored planters that could be perfect around a sun drenched pool, a pair of basket weave pots (a classic design), and some dark colored Vietnamese style planters if you prefer a more rustic look.Cast stone planters - 2015





Planters - 2015So if you’ve been looking for the perfect planters for your home, we just might have what you need. If you’re in the area, stop by and take a look!

As of January, 2016, many of these planters have been sold and new offerings are available. Take a look HERE for the latest planters and statuary.







A Sampling of New Planters for Spring, 2015

imageEach January our orders of planters come in for the new year and beyond, beautiful cast stone beauties designed to last longer than a lifetime.





Yes, they’re heavy, but they are also the highest quality available, designed to add value and style to any outdoor landscape.




And, if you’re in the area, remember we deliver too; so no worries about how you’ll get them home.image









This is just a tiny sampling of what we have in stock now, and there’s more to come, including light-weight options. As you can see, there are all sizes and shapes offered to compliment any style home.image











Some are elaborate…or you might want something with clean, classic  lines. If you’ve been thinking about adding some planters to your home landscape, now is the time to peruse some great options.New Planters - Spring 2015


New Statuary - Spring 2015In addition to the many planters, there are also statuary pieces of Saint Francis, Saint Fiacre and more. Stay tuned for pictures of those in future posts.







Planters…Cast Stone, Fiberglass, Terra Cotta, Glazed – Pretty Pots For Your Garden Spaces…

photo (21)

Containers, planters, pots…whatever you choose to name them, there should be a place somewhere in your landscape for one – or more. Shown here is a sampling of our 2014 spring order of cast stone, light weight fiberglass, terra cotta, and glazed pots.

Well chosen and beautifully planted containers obviously add beauty to your home. This in turn enhances value by contributing to the overall curb appeal.

So you’ve already got a couple of pots by the front door, you say? That’s one of the first places folks put planters. It’s an obvious choice, and a good one, since they define your entrance. This same idea can be used if you choose a planter to accent the beginning of a path, act as a focal point at a destination, or have a pair flanking a gate or other garden entrance.

Planted, tall pots can soften walls...

Planted, tall pots can soften walls…

Perhaps there are areas in your outdoor spaces that would benefit from  groupings of containers. Odd numbers are easiest to work with; use different heights and shapes to make it even more interesting.

If your home has a lot of hardscape (walls, a wide driveway entrance or parking area) or other unplanted spaces, well placed containers can add to the design there too. Tall containers can be easily filled with plants to spill over the edges to soften the landscape picture.Cast Stone Urns

Is there an area in your garden that nothing seems to grow or roots from nearby trees make it impossible to dig? Think about placing an interesting pot or stacking pots to create an interesting focal point.

Cast stone...

Cast stone…

Using similar containers throughout an area will create unity in your design (Though a little surprise here and there never hurt anyone!).

Once your containers are in place and planted, watering and plant maintenance will be important – stay tuned for future posts.

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