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Pine Straw and Perennials

What a gloomy week it looks like we’re in store for – but, on the bright side, temperatures will be warming up, making it a good time to get outside between rain showers. A lot of you have been putting down fresh pine straw since all the leaves are off the trees. Our rolls of pine straw are pretty – and remember we deliver too.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 3.30.09 PMNow is the time also to cut back dead foliage from perennials and get on top of any winter weeds in your garden beds that may be coming up between pansys. Resolve to take a walk through your landscape once a week to do this – it’s good exercise! While you’re out, do take time to enjoy the little things – a new bloom on a pansy, the swelling buds of spring blooming shrubs, the foliage of an emerging daffodil – we promise you’ll feel better after a “tour” around the yard if you stop to enjoy it once in a while too!

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Happy New Year!

And here's something we can all look forward to!  Happy New Year!

And here’s something we can all look forward to! Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Our sale continues on holiday items as we take time now to clear out the old and make way for the new – it feels good to clean house! We know as your cherished holiday decor is packed away, the tree taken to be recycled, and greenery dispatched to the curb, the house can seem a bit empty, especially without all the finery of the holidays..

To help fill those open spaces, we are offering our large houseplants (10″ pots and larger) at 50% off – not a bad deal to add a little fresh foliage to your home for the new year! We have dracaenas, spaths, aralias, fiddle leaf figs and more. Not sure what you might need? Swing by and take a look anyway – there may be something just right for your home or office!

We’ll of course continue to fill the greenhouse with blooms and foliage through the winter, so don’t hesitate to stop in, even if you just need a greenhouse “fix”.

On the social media front we hope you’ve “Liked” us on Facebook and are following us on Twitter, but we’re also very excited to tell you the web page will be getting a major makeover this year too…we’ll keep you posted!
Finally, our winter hours are 9am-5pm Monday-Saturday…hope to see you soon!