Neonicotinoides and What You Should Know…

imageNeonicotinoides…a long word and one you may not be familiar with. However, it describes a class of chemicals found in many of the garden products you may have in your garage right now.  We want to give you more information about this because, even though they’ve been approved by the EPA, independent studies have found links between these systemic insecticides and harm to honeybees, with  research suggesting these chemicals may make honeybees more susceptible to parasites and pathogens. These chemicals work systemically, that is, being taken up through the roots of various plants you may be spraying or applying granular products to. We hope the links below will be helpful in your understanding of this issue.

Look HERE for an interesting discussion on this topic from Texas A&M Agrilife Extension.

Look HERE for a link to the latest study on this from Harvard University.