Muhly Grass…Plant Now For Clouds Of Pink Blooms This Fall…

Muhly grass, muhlenbergia capillaris, is a native grass that is quiet for much of the year until mid-October-November, when 4′ panicles of pink blooms float in the air – if you can site it where it is backlit by the sun, it is a sight to see!

back lit in the sun, muhly grass shines come late summer/fall
back lit in the sun, muhly grass shines in October-November…

One of the best places to see this fantastic grass is at Railroad Park downtown. There they’ve utilized it in masses, and when the light is right, it’s a haze of pink everywhere you look – it’s absolutely stunning.

If you’d like to try some of this in your own landscape or containers, we have some in stock now – we warn you though, you might walk right by it in the nursery and think nothing of it. This is one grass you have to plant for its future beauty!

Requirements: Full sun to part shade, with moist, well drained soil – though it will tolerate drought and heat once established.