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Fall Inspiration With Pumpkins And Gourds As A New Season BeginsIt sure hasn’t felt like fall, but sooner or later the temperatures will begin to drop, the days will become shorter, and summer’s heat will finally give way to perfect days when we all want to spend as much time outside as we can. That’s when we look at each other and say, “We are […]
Ideas For Container Gardens In The Sun    Even in June we have folks come in to get planting advice for their garden beds and pots. It’s never too late to plant something! Here are a few ideas for your summer planters. Keep in mind you don’t have to make fancy plant combinations if you feel unsure of yourself.  You can […]
Just In Time For Valentine’s Day – Flowering Plants For Your LoveIf you need a beautiful flower for your Valentine, look no farther than your nearest independent garden shop.     Sure, you’ll see all sorts of blooming plants in every other store on the block  (They are everywhere!), but we like to think that, since plants are what we do, 365 days out of the […]
The Change Of Season Inspires Us – We Love Fall!The other day I reran a blog post from last year showing some of our fall-inspired arrangements, noting that I needed to write another for this season. A quick reply came from a FaceBook friend. “I want to see them. Get posting!” So, while there are so many more we’ve done that aren’t pictured, here’s […]
A Mandala Inspired by ArtI grew up watching my mom create beautiful works of art using only a sewing needle and the colorful threads and yarns that she stitched into amazing designs on fabric. She showed her stitcheries in a few  museum textile art exhibits, but mostly they were an artistic outlet for her and a joy for  friends […]
Catching Up In The New YearIt’s been a while since the last blog post, so this will be a catch up entry to give you an idea of what’s been going on the last couple of months. January and February are usually pretty quiet, and, to be honest, we’re glad of it. Aside from a big shipment of garden planters […]
Decorated PumpkinsIt all began with my Mother’s 85th birthday in early October. She has macular degeneration and would rather stay close to home now. Since I am in Birmingham and she is in Wisconsin, unfortunately, with this a busy time in the garden shop business, getting together on her birthday doesn’t happen anymore. But she is […]
New Year’s Day…A Look Back And Wishes For The New Year                It’s a quiet, rainy morning as I write this,  too chilly to make my usual morning walk around the garden. The time the shop is closed between Christmas and New Year’s Day is a welcome respite from the previous month’s hectic pace. It’s such a relief to […]
Southern Living’s ‘Grumpy Gardener’ Noticed This Orchid ArrangementWe try to have as many orchids and other plants as possible to fill customer’s containers for parties and special events. The amount of design work we do is certainly a far cry from our start 25 years ago when we didn’t even offer orchids for sale! This orchid arrangement, in a customer’s beautiful footed […]
These Miniature Gardens are Centerpieces…  I recently received an email letting me know of a much anticipated  visit to Birmingham of a certain Connecticut gardener, Douglas Thomas. She was coming on the invitation of a friend and member of one of the oldest garden clubs in the city, and, to celebrate her visit, a joint meeting of  two Garden […]
Haven’t Been In Lately? Here’s What We’ve Been Up To…Outside the greenhouse can look a little drab this time of year, but, if  you’ve just passed us by, have you ever missed out!     The greenhouse has been packed full with blooming beauties and with Valentine’s Day just past, we’ve been putting together the prettiest arrangements for gifts and filling containers with all […]
Need a Valentine? We Can Help!Just a quick post to point out the many beautiful flowers in the greenhouse. Our baskets and containers  are one of a kind…special creations custom made for each order.         If you have a basket, bowl, or other container you’d like us to fill with beautiful plants, just bring it in and […]
More Holiday Inspiration – Arrangements, Flowers and Greens – Part 2      The greenhouse is literally overflowing with so many flowers we’ve had to move most of them onto the tables outside.                       Many of these holiday flowers – hydrangeas, amaryllis, paperwhites, azaleas, stephanotis, flowering jasmine, and cyclamen – prefer the cool temperatures.  It […]
Holiday Inspiration – Arrangements, Flowers and Greens – Part 1        The last few weeks have flown by in a colorful blur of customers, Christmas trees, and deliveries of beautiful plants and flowers.      Now Christmas is almost here, though soon enough a new year will be upon us, filled with possibility and fresh beginnings.             […]
The End Of The Season…Fall ArrangementsAutumn  passes far too quickly. As usual, when a season is nearing the end, I find myself wishing I’d made the time to take more pictures of the many arrangements that we’ve created the past few weeks. Jamie, Molly, and I looked through those we had and here are a few of them – a […]