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Owl Statuary 2020

A Sampling of Statuary and Planters To Start The New Year

Outdoor Planters 2020Statuary 2020





Each January the first shipments of planters and statuary come in, and we try to mix it up a bit, ordering some things we haven’t had before along with others that are tried and true.Garden Spheres 2020Statuary 2020Outdoor Planters 2020Planters 2020Statuary January 2020











Whimsical frogs, little animals, a bench for the garden, and more are displayed at the end of the nursery, and they’re easy to browse, especially in the winter months before we fill up with the plants that will take center stage through the spring.Owl Statuary 2020Outdoor Planters and Statuary 2020








Here’s a glimpse of the offerings so far. More will come in as spring approaches, and don’t forget to take a look in the greenhouse as well for all kinds of smaller pots and fountains of different sizes.Statuary 2020Statuary January 2020Statuary January 2020Outdoor Planters 2020Statuary 2020


Winter Wreath

Creating A Grapevine Winter Wreath With Nature’s Offerings

Winter Wreath with Lichen and BirchGrapevine wreaths offer rustic beauty any time of the year. We had a few still in stock from the holidays, and I decided to dress this one up with lichen, birch bark, moss, and branches to make it a wintry white wreath full of texture and color.

Birch bark is a favorite to work with, and it brings back fond memories of family camping trips in the upper midwest with my family. The papery white bark seemed to glow in the afternoon light, a beautiful sight through all the seasons in the northern woods.Winter Wreath

The birch tears easily and can be curled through the wreath or glued on as well. I worked three pieces onto the grapevine fashioning a “bow” of sorts and added smaller pieces halfway around the grapevine, gluing and tying them in place.

Winter Wreath







Winter Wreath Closeup


Branches covered in lichen and moss are another favorite design element, and we still had a few beautiful ones that I placed onto the grapevine next. Once those were attached,  it still needed a few more pieces of lichen in spots, but it was almost complete.Winter Wreath Closeup

Finally I tucked some dark green reindeer moss where I thought it needed a bit of color, and for a finishing touch slipped a few popcorn stems into the grapevine to add a pop of  white.

If you want to try a project like this, remember that nature always offers the best decorative elements, and you just might find them in your own back yard. Don’t want to make your own?  Come see us if you’d like one of ours!

By Kris Blevons