Thoughts Of Fall On A Rainy Weekend In November

Liam, sunning himself on a warm fall day...

Liam, sunning himself on a warm fall day…

Every year it happens. Fall arrives, and we welcome it with open arms as a happy counterpoint to months of sizzling temperatures.

Fall - Mini Pumpkin Stack

mini pumpkin stack…design Molly Hand


Fall - Violas, Peppers and Minipumpkins

design Molly Hand

It comes just in time too, since by this point  we’ve tired of watching spring plantings gradually and inexorably succumb to summer’s never ending heat and humidity.

Branches of bittersweet and mini pumpkins accent an oncidium orchid...

Branches of bittersweet and mini pumpkins accent an oncidium orchid…design Jamie Cross












With the new season come truckloads of pumpkins, branches of bittersweet, traditional mums, and sweet pansies, showing all the hues  of the harvest, blanketing the front of  the shop with a riot of color.

Fall - PansiesFall - Pansies






Fall Orchid Arrangement

Dendrobiums in Cork Bark…design Jamie Cross


Even the orchids give way, the elegant white phalaenopsis stepping aside as oncidiums and dendrobiums in shades of yellows, golds, deep purples, and browns take center stage.

End of the season coleus mingle with ornamental peppers...

End of the season coleus mingle with ornamental peppers…design Kris Blevons

Fall - Arrangement

Harvest centerpiece…design Kris Blevons

Working with plants as we do, the seasons seem to be magnified somehow.



Our livelihoods are driven by them, and we look forward to the next, even as we finally tire of the previous palette’s flowers, herbs, shrubs, vegetables.



Of all the seasons, fall seems to be the most fleeting, at least here in Birmingham, Alabama.

Fall - Pumpkins

Perhaps it’s the relentless march of the holidays, with Thanksgiving  accordioned between October and December, and hearing the strains of Christmas music all too soon.


Harvest centerpiece...

Harvest centerpiece…design Kris Blevons








Fall - Arrangement

Fall centerpiece in a tray…design Jamie Cross




Cotton bolls in arranged with pods and stems, in a pumpkin...

Cotton bolls, pods, and branches in a pumpkin…design Kris Blevons

So, as I write this on a rainy Saturday in November, with Thanksgiving still weeks away, I’m already feeling melancholy for fall.

Fall - Gourd and Bittersweet

design Kris Blevons






Fall - Mailbox Decoration

Fall mailbox swag…design Kris Blevons



Fall - Arrangement

Heuchera, carex and mini pumpkins…design Kris Blevons










The harvest season simply doesn’t last long enough for me. Looking through the pictures to add to this post lifted my spirits,  and I hope they do yours too.

Pumpkin centerpieces...

Pumpkin centerpieces…design Jamie Cross








Fall - Arrangement

Arranged in a shallow tray…design Kris Blevons



I’m looking forward to Thanksgiving and the opportunity to celebrate all we have to be thankful for, and I’m trying to remember to enjoy each season, even those that pass far too quickly.

Planted...violas, herbs and Molly Hand

Planted…violas, herbs and pods…design Molly Hand



Fall - Lettuce and Herb Arrangements...

Wine boxes…design Kris Blevons

Orchids and Gourds Arrangement

Log Planter…design Jamie Cross
















A final thought; Don’t allow yourself to get overly stressed during the coming holidays. Try to appreciate each day and the beauty it brings, and, above all, remember to slow down and breathe. A new season with fresh beginnings is right around the corner.


By Kris BlevonsFall - PumpkinsFall - Gourd Arrangement

Fall in the greenhouse..

Fall in the greenhouse..

Fall...Yellowwood tree

Yellowwood tree changing with the season in the garden…